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What to bring

Who Are We

Pack in a soft bag! We do not have storage space for hard suitcases. We also ask you to pack as minimally as possible, as space is always an issue. It´s also important to understand the environment you´re traveling to. Norway has four distinct seasons and temperatures can vary a lot.


You will soon understand when coming to Norway that we Norwegians are obsessed with wool, we live by, of and in it. Wool is by far the best garments to keep you warm in the north. Wool keeps you warm even if it gets wet. It also provides other effects that we embrace; it´s environmentally friendly and looks damn good to. So make sure you do not underestimate us when we say; bring wool, if you don´t, you will freeze.


We provide proper outer workwear, life vest and gloves when beach cleaning. But our gear does not give any warmth, so bring warm clothes! Even in summer it gets cold in the boat and the temperatures can vary a lot.


Clothes you need:

· Normal clothes for going into town (1 pair of jeans, t-shirt and sweater)

· Plenty of socks and underwear, some pair of wool socks

· 1-2 pairs of warm long underwear/base layers (Tights/long-sleeve shirts made of wool!)

· Sweater (preferably wool)

· Water resistant hiking pants or rain pants

· Rain jacket

· Hiking shoes for rough conditions, waterproof.

· Sneakers for walking in town

· Hat/beanie and a buff (preferably wool)


Clothes we recommend:

· Swimsuit.

· Warm jacket (a duvet jacket does not take much space to bring)

· Mittens, for cold winds along the coastline

· *In the summer months, May-August, we might be lucky and have some days with warmer temperatures and a pair of shorts could be useful.


Gear you need:

· Reusable water bottle

· Lunch box

· Towel (preferably a travel towel which is compact and easy to travel with)

· Medicine and other toiletries you need (such as toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and soap)


Gear we recommend:

· Sunglasses (very handy in the boat as the wind can be annoying for your eyes) and a caps

· A book


Focus on more practical clothes that you´re not afraid of using. We try to avoid working in uncomfortable weather conditions, but Norway being Norway we tend to have all types of weather rather often. This means that we will go out cleaning in rain and windy conditions. We also almost always have access to a washing machine, and sometimes the luxury of a tumble-dryer, so don´t feel that you need to pack a lot of clothes in case you don´t get to wash that often; we always find a way to get our clothes washed! We provide duvets/sleeping bags.

Packing list

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