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Frequently asked questions


What´s the size and age of the volunteer group? And do you have several teams?

Including the team leader, the team will range between 5 to 8 volunteers. At the moment we only have one team, but we are working on expanding the project to several teams. The age of the volunteers varies between 18 to 30.

How often do we move from location to location?

We plan out the travel route before the season starts, and we typically don't stay in one location for more than a week. However sometimes plans change, and we might stay longer or shorter at one location. The good thing about moving frequently is that you get to see a lot of different places and always have new grounds to explore!

How´s accessibility to grocery stores, pharmacies, and other stores if I need anything specific?

We always have access to all types of stores if needed. We usually live in small villages or cities where you will find everything you need. We also have a car with us, so if you need anything just let the team leader know and we will figure it out together.


How do I arrive and depart from the project? And where do I travel to?

Both arrival and departure depends on our yearly travel route. We will always help you with finding the travel route to and from the project. Although you might need to prepare for traveling by bus and/or ferry to get closer to the location of the team. If the team is located close to your preferred airport, we pick you up at the airport. When being accepted as a volunteer you will get in contact with the team leader which will provide you with information on where to travel.


Who´s the team leader?

Ida is the team leader. She´s in her twenties and was a volunteer herself in 2020 and stayed with the crew for almost three months! She grew up by and on the ocean and has a lot of experience when it comes to being out at sea. She also has a degree in environmental science and loves to share her knowledge about environmental protection, and tell you all about what you see and find when we go out beach cleaning!

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